Nature Mystic

My pamphlet of poetry published by Heaventree Press in 2008 with a wonderful portrait by Colin Dick on the cover.
Now out of print I'm afraid. Really want to read it? Convince me that I should make more!

Back Cover Blurb

The philosophy of these poems is in their shared ethos of Dharma and Druidry. Regardless of the originating nation, language or culture, these and other forms of mysticism are comparable attempts to open up that dimension of human experience that is beyond words.
Here Patterson, both a scientist and a spiritual practitioner, uses poetry, passionate and contemporary in its style and, further, with its own formal regulations and restrictions, as a medium-perhaps the best medium-to attempt expression of this unutterable experience. These poems are his journey, written during several years of exploring this hidden dimension in the natural world.
ISBN 978-1-906038-29-8
Currently out of stock.


Three Welsh Theophanies
The Snake Charmer
We Met First in the North
Big Bill Blake
The Golden Weed
Journey Towards Winter
The King Who Sits upon the Water
A Dream
The World Wind's Wall
October on Hearsall Common
Winter Visitors
Barndon Marsh Winter Light
Canley Brook
Gibbet Hill
Winter Night Battles
One Step
From the Past to the Present
The Hedge Runners
Mad Folk All
The Upper Coppice
Building Presence
Valentine's Day 2007
Too Hot to Hold, That Sun
Spirits of the Motorway

Notes to the poems
Perfect Wisdom and the Goddess who shares its name cannot be apprehended by the discursive mind or the senses. She is, however, omnipresent as the essence of all phenomena; thus, she may be encountered in the midst of any experience or activity. To see the world as it is -- a dynamic, fluidic, open horizon of meaning – is to gaze upon her divine body and face.

Miranda Shaw, Buddhist Goddesses of India, Princeton University Press 2006

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