Freed from Distance

My 2016 collection of poetry, spanning ten years of writing, performance & life experience.

I'm sorry but this collection sold out! Many thanks to all of you who supported it.

There’s a visionary, questing impetus behind Barry Patterson’s poetry, an energy that ensures he never settles for the trite or obvious –  he writes of a world in which all landscapes, from the city centre to the furthest wilderness, exist in precarious interdependence on each other,
and where the whole of history seems to be taking place simultaneously. What’s more, he knows that we ignore this at our peril. But there’s a musicality, too, that keeps the reader coming back for more, and lodges lines in the mind to deliver their vital message again and again.

Matt Merritt, author of The Elephant Tests and A Sky Full of Birds

Barry's poetry makes me feel alive in my body - not just my heart and mind. It's fuel for the soul - there's richness and grit here. Fire and depth. An extraordinary collection!

Philip Carr-Gomm, Chosen Chief of the Order of Bards Ovates & Druids.

Barry Patterson deserves to be more widely known and his poetry more highly praised — and his new collection shows why. I challenge you to read “The Murmur” and not want to stand beneath the flight of birds and conceive celebrations of life. Some poets acutely observe the world, Barry also draws us with him into fuller participation."

Graham Harvey, Professor of Religious Studies at the Open University, author of Food, Sex and Strangers: Understanding religion as everyday life.

Barry Patterson launched a grand new book - for me it's a fierce interrogation of space, pushing and pull wiry distance, internal and the outside world - reaching for the centre ing of a spiritual core - check it out!

Adam Steiner, Silhouette Press.


The Astronaut; The Secret City; I <3 Kathmandu; The March of the Flyover; Your Strange Operations; Tiny Grass; Skull; A Brief History of Lightning; The Murmur; Poets' Wonder-fuel; False Refuge; A Winter Song; Memories through Windows; Pursued by Summer; Moony Ebb & Flow; Muse Flood II; Five Icelandic Giants; Geology of the East Wind; Spirit House Song; Ring of Gold; Freed from Distance. 34 pages.

Published in the UK in 2016 by Lyndhurst Road Publications
ISBN 978-0-9567609-2-0
All rights reserved.
© Barry Patterson, 2016
Cover art by Barry Patterson.
The right of Barry Patterson to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by him in accordance with the Copyright, Designs & Patents act of 1988.


Here we do not set forth arbitrary signs, letters and whatever else you please in place of the phenomena; here we do not deliver phrases that can be repeated a hundred times without thinking anything thereby nor giving anyone else pause to think. Rather, it is a matter of phenomena that one must have present before the eyes of the body and of the spirit…

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Zur Farbenlehre

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