Tuesday 2 September 2014

Freed from Distance

Lost airs may not be breathed again;
Prehistoric wind screams from the sand grain
A voice unheard save only by imagination's ear
That is to say, the physical moment is long gone
But there is a light which shone, which shines
Upon every surface, knows & was known
By every moment of movement, every memory,
Morning woke, translucent, always primal
But reflected innocent everywhere
And not an atom-instant of awareness
Does not beam forth save it is known by this;
Nothing is ever lost, the unique scent
Of the infinite present illuminates us all.
& you & I my dear seem small
So far apart in our respective worlds
But together our suns' volatiles will feed new earth-crusts
Where the storm wheel of life will turn again
Tides will revolve, seasons expand & contract
Hearts & thought gestures turn towards the inexpressible
Journey from mind to mind; shared nature's
Desert crossing, accomplished in an instant,
The strange attractor way-star's gravity
Draws us together, freed from distance.
A kiss across an abyss cannot be, but an abyss
Understood becomes a kiss.