Wednesday 6 February 2013

Welcome Home!

Original photo by Rainbow

Welcome Home! The gate-keeper says
To Druid-Town, to the bender ring
Where the mad, the awesome & the beautiful,
The feral children of Albion's rocky shore
Share their blood music & ancient lore;
Their stories & wisdom, their skills & their strength
Their tears & their cups of tea.

So here we stand, a druid tribe
In song-wave ringing, heart to hand
Face-light caught by the season's ray
Eye story life lines,
Warp & weft of Awen's mandala,
We come from all over the wondrous world,
Come in through the oak-leaf door.

The ash-bottle archive testifies
To the Dance of Life, to the hug circle,
To Earth's Blessing, to every kind of weather;
Countless small acts of kindness & love,
Rhythm of songs, pregnancy of silence,
Ritual power as we face the Mystery;
The Mystery of magic & of mirth.

The green & pleasant root-mother
Feeds & waters the family at her table
Ancestral hills, ancestral wood,
Ancestral presence in everything,
Ancestral dream-field; the ancestral word
Which we dare to utter so melodiously
Beneath the ancestral sky.

The druids of the ancient world
Who sang to bone & star, to stone & sun
Met beneath leaves to whisper triads there
Merged their blessings into Britain's Land
May they bless protect & guide us in the visioning of their art
To hold & be held, a sacred guardianship;
The love of all existences!

Original photo by Laura Cooper.

This was written during OBOD's Imbolc Camp 2013; now known as White Horse Camps at a session dedicated to the discussion of archives & photographs & the sharing of stories from the history of camp so far.

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