Tuesday 30 April 2013


Watch a video of my reading this poem at Earlsdon May Festival Poetry Night in Kendall's Delicatessen here

Thursday 18 April 2013

World Drum at Cae Mabon

Flesh & bone, earth & stone
Blood water, the flood curd
Time's airs proven rhythm voice
World-Drum at Cae Mabon.

Our story threads all drawn in
By the brown skin shuttle
Of marbled hide
The string, the frame, the voice vein;

The flight case
For flying in,
The branch of a tree
For beating onto it.

Smoke-woman, crouched & croaking
Makes the song gift,
An ageless grandmother circle
Held in her reindeer stomach,

Belches greeting, winds greet river
To roar & wave;
Dance with shadows
Of underworld strength.

World awakening, awoken
To the black bone tree stem
In the time chamber
Where I played my pipe & cried.

Bryn Celli Ddu, green with ancient life force
Where the ancestral faces look out at us,
I saw them catch the light,
One said: "We will die

"But they will not forget us,
"Listen!" She said,
"You can hear them singing
In the future,

"This place of remembrance
Holds the dark circle,
It will be a sacred place
Until the end of the world."

"Listen!" She said,
"You can hear them drumming
For the future
Of the Earth, wind-wide."

The hearts in the ring are still singing.
Hand to hand,
The spiral dance cannot
Be defeated by words.

The World Drum is a deer hide drum from Norway, which travels all over the world taking part in ceremonies & public events for peace & earth healing.

Find out more here: http://www.theworlddrum.com/  or visit the Facebook page, which has up to date information.