Wednesday 18 October 2017

The Moment of Recognition

The moment is a charged memory
In a now-distant landscape, on a river bank of gravel & stones.

We sit in an arc of practise;
Rinpoche serious, facing us through his black eye shade,

His bell & drum by his side
Shawl looped over his left shoulder, relaxed but intense,

The guardian of  everything
We have sought on our journey, tells us of his dream.

Magic jumps into the story
Across the timelines which we think we know, but cannot really see

& this is really happening,
Not because a story became true, but because stories aren't enough,

The truth will out
In human form, as long as people seek meaning in this world.

Lama Tsultrim's face
& posture reflect the openness, stillness of her contemplation,

Her drum still in her hand,
Resting on her knee & she's silent, but she looks as if she's singing.

Dave has his eyes closed,
His bell in his left hand & resting on his lap, drum between his knees.

Carla's lips are pursed,
Smiling, as if she is about to cry or to break into joyous song.

Christine has her hands folded
As if in prayer, face full of laughter & the shine of smiling.

Anne is turning her head
Towards them with lips parted by silent words of wonder,

Barbara's face is bowed low
A strand of her hair blown free from her  hood during the earlier, auspicious rain.

I'm sitting at the back
Opposite the photographer, wearing a hat from Coventry Market,

Grinning from ear to ear.


June 2007. The Lama announced that he was convinced that Lama Tsultrim was an emanation of  Machig Labdrön herself & he paid her great honours.

Posted on the eve of our departure for another Chöd Pilgrimage, in Bhutan; in honour of Lama Tsultrim, in memory of Dave & with gratitude to you all, you know who you are.

The photo was sent to me by another pilgrim. I'm sorry that I don't recall who.

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